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This policy library contains what you need to pass a groundbreaking fair pay or #MeToo bill in your city or state. It includes enacted city and state laws, introduced but not enacted bills, and materials supporting passage such as bill fact sheets, research, legislative analysis, letters of support, and more, focusing on resources related to efforts since 2015.

We will also continue to build the library to include broader economic security policy initiatives, like paid leave, childcare, anti-poverty reforms, and more.

We will update the library with the introduction of new bills as we receive information from advocates. If you have an addition to suggest, click here.

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Your State Equal Pay Laws Should Do These Things

Despite federal laws that prohibit pay discrimination, a significant gap between the earnings between men and women persists, and for women of color, it is much worse. Learn more about the gender and race pay gap here.

Current federal law does not go far enough to address pay…

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