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How to Use This Site

Written by Cynthia Foster

If you’re an organizer or advocate working in these areas, you may be wondering how to best use our resources to support your work.

This curated policy hub is a capacity-building engine for advocates and grassroots organizations working to develop economic security bills and policy agendas at the state and local levels. The resources on this hub tackle harassment, pay exploitation and other workplace injustices.

Through the hub you can access legislation and litigation summaries, updates, as well as read recommendations for replication and sample support letters to engage new partners.

There are 3 main components of this site.

Policy Library

From this page, you can access enacted and attempted legislation, and where available, related research, letters of support, legislative analysis, and other materials to help you drive progressive reform. In our Interactive Map we have broken these resources down by state and issue area. There is also a comprehensive search function, if you know exactly what you’re looking for.


Through curated content created by policy experts, you can learn which policies will move the needle in your state or a particular industry, organizing and coalition building strategies.

Connect and Get News

Via our email list and blog, follow the latest efforts by advocates, communities, and policy makers in states across the country.

This project, funded by the Women Donors Network, is an ever-evolving resource for progressive policy advocates. We are adding new bills, resources and content regularly. If you know of a bill, law or resource that we missed, email us! We would love to include it.