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3 Simple Ways to Support Latina Equal Pay Day

Written by EmilyJohnson

52 cents is not enough

October 5 is Latina Equal Pay Day, and we’re hoping you’ll take action with us on federal policy and raise awareness with us on social media.

Latina workers grapple with a disheartening pay gap. In 2022, Latinas earned on average only 52 cents for every dollar paid to non-Hispanic white men. This accounts for part-time, full-time, and seasonal workers across all industries. When accounting for only full-time, year round workers, the average is 57 cents.

Despite being one of the fastest growing, most powerful groups in the United States, Latina women face a wage disparity that is a clear reflection of the unjust economic hurdles Latinx families continue to encounter. Latina women are overrepresented in industries that are underpaid and often lack basic workplace protections. Farmworkers, domestic workers, immigrant, migrant, seasonal, and part-time workers continue to be left out of critical employment protections. For women who are immigrants, their citizenship status often makes them more vulnerable to wage theft and sexual harassment.

Until the women who perform some of the most essential jobs are able to achieve economic security, our economy and communities will not be as strong as they possibly can be. That is why we must continue to speak out this #LatinaEqualPay Day. Help us end this discrimination!

Show your support and take action for Latina Equal Pay Day:

 1. Participate in the Social Media Storm: Join the national social media campaign to raise awareness about the wage gap Latina women confront in the workplace. Amplify the conversation and help us advocate for change! Copy and paste pre-drafted content on your social channels using our toolkit.

Raise awareness on social media


2.  Take Action on the Raise the Wage and Paycheck Fairness Act: Visit the Equal Pay Today Action Center to send pre-drafted emails to your representatives demanding pay equity for workers across all demographics.

Email Congress


3. Support the Equal Pay Today campaign: Donate to our national coalition project committed to closing gender and racial wage gaps. Your donation makes a meaningful impact in our fight for pay equality!

Donate today

With your help, we can address the longstanding issue of pay inequity across industries and help the Latina community get the equal pay they deserve!

Learn more about Latina Equal Pay Day.